This Man

This Man


The story connects an old super8 camera; Ramona, a sensitive psychology student, who has the gift of seeing the past of the objects and the people she touches; and Thisman, who’s face more than a thousand people in the world say they have dreamt of. After coming in contact with the old camera, Ramona begins to have a recurring nightmare: about a boy, with the face of an old man, that is asking her for help, and always accompanied by the same macabre man. Her instinct tells her to answer the calling. Accompanied by her teacher and lover James, the clues will lead them to Spain, and to a mysterious house in the village of Bélmez. The only way for Ramona to alleviate the suffering of the strange child, is by discovering the subtle clues that connect the beings in her nightmares, to this house.
A physical and interior journey that will transport us beyond urban legends into the terrain of collective consciousness, common fears and our dread of loneliness, and to finally discover the terrifying secrets behind THIS MAN.

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