The Golden Game

The Golden Game


Throughout history there have been many secrets kept from the public eye; the reason for the monsters of mythology, the burning bush of Exodus, what is the cup of eternal life, the secret strength of Alexander the Great; What are we being told by these stories? What if you discovered that all these stories are about the same thing; a literal immortal real god, living among us all this time, guiding western civilization, hiding always in plain sight?
Our hero, JOE, begins his story in London, where we first find him peddling hot cell phones and narrowly escaping arrest. Joe is a small-time crook, but with a certain charm, and a soft heart. He genuinely loves his “bird”, KATE, an Airline Stewardess and devout Christian, who sees the potential in Joe, even if he does not. It’s Kate’s idea to bring Joe on holiday to the Holy Land, where she hopes some of that fabled holiness might rub off on her man.
Joe and Kate travel to Israel, and Joe is convinced to visit the Dead Sea and the caves of Qumran. While wandering on his own, Joe meets IO, a Guardian of the Holy Grail, who claims to know the secret to eternal life and wealth. Intrigued, Joe agrees to join Io on a quest to find the mythical Grail.
Undeterred, Joe follows Io through time and space, finding himself in the Garden of Eden. Joe then gets caught in a whirlwind tour of Grail mythology, following this mysterious cup as it travels through history, influencing our lives in unexpected ways. Throughout their travels, Io and Joe will recreate the actual journey of the Grail, from Israel, to Ancient Greece, to Glastonbury, England. Joe will eventually learn that the search for the Grail is also the search for a real object and nothing is ever what it seems to be when you travel with a Grail Guardian.

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