Production company Madrid

Production company Madrid

We created our production company in Madrid to offer our services to cinema, because we believe that this medium is a very important element for the current diffusion of culture.
The creation of public attitudes and ideas about society in general, mobilizes the intellect, affection or several senses at the same time. To break the barriers that separate us from others, and feel like them.

The idea of ​​our production company in Barcelona is also to cover all phases of the production process, from the first draft of an idea, to its subsequent dissemination and monitoring of results (production approach, location, pre-production, equipment, casting, transport, catering, production and postproduction, etc.).

To make a shooting plan it is important to take into account several factors, total estimated shooting time, number of locations, shooting indoors and outdoors, moving equipment from one set to another, weather, daily sun hours, effective work hours daily.

Our production company in Madrid has been in business for 10 years

Thanks to the efforts of our team, our production company in Madrid keeps walking. The good location is of great benefit to us, as we count with the best places to filming in Colombia and in Barcelona, and above all to be at the service of film and music professionals.

Our confidence and passion for cinema push us to make an effort to demonstrate the importance of the audiovisual medium in our era. Because cinema is an instrument to ask about the whys of life. It is capable of awakening different sensations according to cultural environments, and it reveals that the attitudes of people change over the years.

The productive and reproductive power of the moving image marks the emergent and distinctive character of cinema. Something that is only possible thanks to the moving image.
The digital image of recent appearance has caused a great change in the audiovisual field.

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