Production company Barcelona

Production company Barcelona

The love for our work and cinema pushed us to set up a production company in Barcelona with a team of film directors, screenwriters, photographers, technical team, etc. Thanks to their courage and commitment we keep walking.

We are a creative and innovative production company and we offer audiovisual services to a world that is constantly changing. We offer complete services based on the development of creative ideas and global production and postproduction services for movies, video clips, game shows, reality shows, corporate videos, etc.

Our film production company in Spain has been in business for 10 years thanks to the trust of our customers and the hard work and commitment of our team.

We are committed to cinema because it has shown us that it is vital for the dissemination of culture, the creation of public attitudes and ideas about science and society in general. It allows us to observe life as a whole, it mobilizes the intellect, the effect and several senses at the same time. And through the empathy that is built between the viewer and the experiences of the actors is able to facilitate a better understanding of the human being.

The good location of our production company in Barcelona

Having a production company in Barcelona helps us to provide the best locations in the city. We also have our production company in Madrid which is also strategically located, bringing many benefits to the projects that will be recorded.
The objective of our production company is to create original concepts that connect with the public, looking for new ways to tell stories through film and television.

The spectator sits before the screen, captures divers messages from the various humans and the plurality of their behaviors. This makes film the most complete form of transmission within the media that has been used so far.

The best production company Barcelona!