Directed, Produced & Written by DAVID BARRERA

Production company MINDED FACTORY


The Jaundice of The Soul. Sarah (28), 8 months pregnant, is lost in the forest, desperate and very hurt. She flees from someone who pursues her and searches for his son, Max (8). She desperately tries to save her life and that of his son, who’s hiding in the dark and spooky forest.The electric thunderstorm in the forest introduces us to the emotions of Max (8). The forest is full of monsters that represent the fears of the unknown and the loss of the family structure on the arrival of a new brother. Max (8) has trapped his mother Sarah (28), but she does not know that he is the cause of her situation. She tries desperately to escape but cannot, as Max materializes his emotions and feelings making her pass through different adversities.The spiral movement of the camera is a mathematical- geometrical pattern that can be seen everywhere in nature and gives rise to the golden ratio. It’s called the Fibonacci Spiral. We can observe it in plants, animals (fish, birds, mammals), humans and their bodies, in phenomena such as tornadoes, hurricanes, galaxies, etc… etc… The spiral describes this formula as a solution to a problem. Max (8) is experiencing a process of loss of control. The overwhelming jealousy turns him into a monster consuming the purity of the soul of an 8-year-old child. He shows how unstable and cruel the human feelings can be. The numbers tell the time and the development of a natural phenomenon. It is the sequence of numbers beginning with the unit, each of its terms is the sum of the previous two (1,1,2,3,5,8,13, …). It is a mathematical construction that recurrently appears in the woods, in the dark, in the distribution of the leaves around the stem, in the arrangement of seeds in many flowers symbolizing birth and fruits grow following the sequences based exclusively on these numbers.The film symbolizes passionate love, anger and  hatred. The red colour exalts us paying more attention to the emotions Max (8) wants to convey and introduces us fully into his world. The yellow represents the suffering of the soul of Max and his disproportionately large head represents the accumulation of the ego and his uncontrolled impulses.