Filming in Colombia

Filming in Colombia

Filming in Colombia

Having headquarters in Bogotá allows us to filming in Colombia without any difficulty since we have our own technical team including directors, writers, photographers, sound engineers, etc.

Our 10 years of experience guarantees us as one of the most prestigious, serious and respected film producers in Spain.

We offer film production and location services for films, television, advertising and video productions. We have provided services and support to high budget projects, such as television series, feature films, advertising commercials, corporate videos, photos, reality shows and game shows.

Cinema is a powerful tool that allows us to know more about the elements of the human condition through image and sound. It is important for its ability to generate mental representations of various things and for providing entertainment space at any time of the year.

Thanks to our production company in Madrid and Barcelona we can offer central locations for film shoots, video clips, reality shows, advertising for brands, etc.

How interesting it can be to filming in Colombia

Having good locations for filming in Colombia can be very satisfying. Colombia is a country that is experiencing a growing film activity thanks to the film law passed in 2003, which has allowed initiatives to be born in the country around of the cinematographic activities, through the creation of the fund for the cinematographic development (FDC).

Film production companies in Spain count with even more support, the support of the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts of the Ministry of Culture, where grants for the audiovisual industry are managed. In addition, it regulates the licenses of the producers, the control of the affluence, the issuance of certificates of start and end of filming, the qualification of the films, the mechanisms of support for the festivals and the external promotion of Spanish cinema.

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