Manuel Carballo

Director and screenwriter, Manuel Carballo was born in Barcelona in 1974. He is an experienced director who belongs to the new generation of talented Spanish filmmakers that emerged at the dawn of the new century, that are passionate about genre film and willing to broaden its limits.

In 2007 he directed his first feature film “El último justo” for Filmax, the internationally renowned production and distribution company specialized in genre films. It is an esoteric thriller shot in Mexico, performed by Federico Luppi, Ana Claudia Talancón and Pedro Armendáriz. In 2010 he directed his second film “Exorcismus”, a naturalistic horror film set in London, starring Sophie Vavasseur and Stephen Billington. The film became very well received, and was released in cinemas around the world, including USA, Canada and Japan.

“The Returned”, a sci-fi thriller with dramatic overtones shot in Canada, becomes his third and most ambitious feature film. The film reaps an indisputable success in film festivals like Sitges, Trieste and Busan among others and returns to enjoy a global premiere, becoming one of the key fantastic films of the year 2014, and the most innovative proposal in the zombie genre in many years.

After a first experience filming television in the historical series Reinas (Queens) in 2016, he currently forms part of the team of directors on the serie “El Cid”, one of Amazon’s great bets for 2020, with its 2nd season being shot in 2021.

His fourth film and current project “Lesser Evil” is a turn of the screw to psychopath films, conceived to give new vigor and a new take on a genre with proven commercial potential.