MF Directors – DB – Transience teaser

  • MF Directors – DB – Transience teaser



Directed, Produded & Written by DAVID BARRERA

Tells the story of a woman who pursues the dark side of nature, in the supernatural universe that lies beyond the consciousness. The impermanence or change is an essential doctrine. When the body of Levana tries to unite with the spirit, anxiety overpowers her and cuts the link with the supernatural world. Desperate and without rest she looks back trying to find her vision that was lost after her death. The life of a woman in her 9 different parallel reincarnations in 9 different dimensions representing different states of mind. The bodies and emotions that makes them the slaves of suffering. Since all things are temporary holding on to them is a futile effort that only leads to one end.The duality of the soul in each of the incarnations, all conditioned existence is, without exception, subject to change. 9 different characters in 9 different cities, 9 states of mind and consciousness, the union of all in one soul searching to reincarnate. It will have only 49 days and uses the pineal gland as a spiritual channel and DMT as a catalyst. The pineal gland becomes visible in the human fetus after 49 days, Levanas soul disposes the same amount of days to try to reincarnate. Levanas conciousness fears to disappear, it fears the eternal rest and only thinks of death as a transition of life, it believes that death provides the solution for ending the suffering. Levana is afraid of the unknown. She wants eternal life and ,since the soul is not incarnated in the body of Levana, she separates into 9 different lives to cheat death. This because the infinite, the eternal can not be embodied in the finite, the perishable. The search to find the notion of insubstantiality is ceaseless, since it makes it impossible that things would have a lasting own being from one moment to another.

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